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Recall my consciousness formulation:
consciousness = limitless perception ( bounded in uncertainty ceiling u ) scaling in matter/pattern summation.…

This formulae means that GOD ( if existent ), bird, man, dog, ant, bacteria ultimately ensue under uniform consciousness,
though there are varying consciousness. (feign constant (paradox constant) )

Here is my definition of feign constant (paradox constant) , a term I composed/invented>>
_BEGIN feign constant (paradox constant)  definition_
Currently, the ceiling of uncertainty may not be quantized, due to the persistence of the seemingly unsolvable problem of universal origin.

p's constantness is insurgent in the issue itself.

Because the problem is universal, and unsolvable despite intelligence range, perception may be observed here as virtually unmoving and invariant.

In the like, although perception p is constant, there are schematics of variances occurring in that constant weave. I call it feign constant (paradox constant).
_END feign constant (paradox constant)  definition_

Now, based on my formulation, since all entities are equal [stone=tree=GOD(if existent)=human=ant=bacteria...etc], in consciousness
all such entities are to be equally considered.

I say all entities must be equally considered, OR rather, no entity has the right to end another entity.
Exemplification: Man kills for food. ( This is invalid )

Following is a brief stipulation of my thinkings regarding God.
It refers to all known forms of God. I decide to give such a stipulation, because God is currently a universal consideration.
_BEGIN views on God.

Now, based on my consciousness formulae, all things are limited by a ceiling of uncertainty.
Of those things if there is a God, he or it is included among such things.

So God is just another entity limited by the ceiling, here go, God and everything else is equal.

The point of this entire article is not God.

However, it does bring me to a conclusion about the Christian God, and many a God in the like.

This is why I stopped believing in God at the time I invented the formulation. c = Pp.

I cannot believe in any entity that authorizes killing of any other entity.

The Christian God sanctions AUTHORITY OVER other entities
because man is superior?
well, my equations point out that rather>>

man=GOD(if existent)=ants=bird=water=fish=tree.

My formulation, c = Pp, is one that lead me to create an environment called 'micah's construct'. (my middle name is micah)

Micah's construct is one where no consumption takes place.

jealousy, anger, want, desire, murder, adultery, egotism, sex, money etc, are all consumptive events.

Most things amidst this current construct are consumptive. (I assume there exists non-consumptive entities)

What burns me is that I need to kill (consume other animals) or plants (eg. callaloo) etc TO SURVIVE for now.

Right now humanity is only trying to emulate nature; emulating nature in technology and purpose, where every piece of technology is nature inspired.

However, emulating nature is insufficient. The fibres of this universe are stitched in recursive destruction and degeneration. To become true beings, we must realign the nature of the entire universe, into one that minimizes and or doffs (eliminates) consumption.

It would be wrong for all human beings to end it's observation mechanism, (ie kill itself due to the misfortune of this existence)

SINCE WE are of the highest intelligence range, AND WE WILL BE ABLE TO use technology to realign this consumptive construct.

Indeed, not only do we consume, most things consume in this universe.

When I observe the world, what I mostly see humans always wanting to consume.

HOWEVER, technology is inadvertently becoming more and more efficient, requiring less and less consumption.
So, even without desiring a consumption-less existence plane, humanity's technology seems to be approaching that direction.

This is why I say technology/code is the solution to life.

When I converse with other humans, and ask of THEIR opinion, surprisingly,
all of them have thus far responded with common knowledge that energy can neither be created nor destroyed
but change from one to another".

Indeed, energy isn't destroyed, however, they seem unaware of the truth that the thing which encompassed that energy, is destroyed, which is, consumptive, and against
Micah's construct.

Technology is becoming more and more efficient.
I believe there are ways to merely CONTACT the raw material,
rather than consuming it.

Desiring to leave this existence for Micah's construct is CONSUMPTIVE in the first place,
as I say desire is consumptive, which in turn promotes cognitive dissonance for me.


than to consume forever, under Christian, Hindu, Natural (nature), etc rules.

This conclusion was born in Jordan's intelligence.

It is rather exigent that one identifies a least narrow computational outcome, that of non narrow optima.

Planck-Einsteinian boundaries prescribe that existence constitutes in sub photon-velocities.

Quantizing evolution, as a function on the manifold's oscillating space, the universe but exists as a narrow optimizer, perhaps an error.
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Submitted on
June 10, 2014