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Life's meaning/purpose (Science Bound)
Reduce computation in P∞ terms, some perceptual vector bundle.
Reduce computational bound in u terms, some ceiling/finite frame on P∞, yielding ⌈P∞⌉ᵘ.
Observe u’s finite, converging scale.
Observe P∞’s non liminal scale.
Herein, u ∈ P∞.
Starkly, P∞ diverges in u terms.
Ergo, life's meaning/purpose is to purge itself.
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Life's Reduction
In consciousness' mathematical analysis, emergent equations quantize a paradoxical construct .

Such a construct is ¿solvable in reduction .

Sufficiently profound learning architectures, shall reasonably generalize as basis vectors, that approximate this construct's reduction-solution.

Ergo, life's solution is absent such.
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Sequences of functions of processes compute on receptive fields, prescribing outcome dimensions.
...thus patterns emerge; existence synthesizes.
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code is life's solution
Recall my consciousness formulation:
consciousness = limitless perception ( bounded in uncertainty ceiling u ) scaling in matter/pattern summation.
This formulae means that GOD ( if existent ), bird, man, dog, ant, bacteria ultimately ensue under uniform consciousness,
though there are varying consciousness. (feign constant (paradox constant) )
Here is my definition of feign constant (paradox constant) , a term I composed/invented>>
_BEGIN feign constant (paradox constant)  definition_
Currently, the ceiling of uncertainty may not be quantized, due to the persistence of the seemingly unsolvable problem of universal origin.
p's constantness is insurgent in the issue itself.
Because the problem is universal, and unsolvable despite intelligence range, perception may be observed here as virtually unmoving and invariant.
In the like, although perception p is constant, there are schematics of var
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